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Building the Vending Industry's Most Reliable Vending Machines Since 1949.

Automatic Products is the leading U.S. manufacturer of glassfront snack/candy, hot beverage, fresh/frozen food and snack/can combination vending machines for the worldwide vending market. Since 1949, Automatic Products has led the way, from the first fully electronic glassfront vending machine systems to hot beverage vending machines with bean grinders. With a continuing commitment to innovation and excellence into the future Automatic Products builds the most user-friendly, technically advanced vending machines in the world.

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Vendin Machines - 933 Snack  
933 Premier
With sleek, traditional styling the AP 933 is a great looking, high performing snack vending machine you will be proud to bring to any location.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 38 7/8” W x 35” D
Shelves: 5, 6 or 7 
Selections: Standard 40 expandable up to 70,
5-select gum & mint  
Vending Machine Weight: 555 lbs. ambient – 700 lbs. chilled


Vendin Machines - Merchant 6  
Merchant 6
AP’s flagship vending machine, commanding the biggest space (and the most profits). With the innovative new keypad, high visibility LCD display, ergonomic coin cup and the new "OK" key the user interface is truly a pleasure for the end user. More selections means more variety and that means more profits. The Mercahnt 6 is leading the charge to change the consumers perceptions of vending machines.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 43.6” W x 37.8” D
Shelves: 6 or 7 
Selections: standard 6 shelf 48 selections, 7 shelf 58
Vending Machine Weight: 610lbs.


Vendin Machines - Merchant 4  
Merchant 4
Small spaces no longer mean you have to limit your offerings. The Merchant 4 has the same number of selections as the traditional 39" (5 wide) vending machine in a compact 32.8" (4 wide) cabinet. With the same sexy styling, user interface and consumer experience as the Merchant 6, the Merchant 4 allow you to give everyone a great vending machine experience even f they don't have a lot of space.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 32.8” W x 37.8” D
Shelves: 6 or 7 
Selections:standard 6 shelf 32 selections, 7 shelf 38
Vending Machine Weight: 510 lbs.

Vendin Machines - Hot Drink center  
Want to turn ordinary coffee into coffee extraordinary? The Cafforia™ hot beverage vending machine provides a gourmet experience customers seek. Through superior flavor extraction, large beverage variety, and ease of selection, Cafforia capitalizes on the hottest consumer coffee trends. From an operations standpoint, the economics have never been better. Warm up to Cafforia and turn your business' ordinary coffee, into extraordinary coffee with the best coffee vedning machine on the market today.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 38” W x 33 3/4” D
Selections: 15 selections and two cup sizes
Vending Machine Weight: 570 lbs.

Vendin Machines - Cold Food  
For a modern spin on food service, turn to the Revolution™ fresh-food vending machine. Revolution's unique, turret-forward viewing area and auto-merchandising attracts customers, while its ability to accommodate a wide variety of fresh products keeps them coming back for more. In addition to consumer-friendly features, you'll enjoy a small footprint for easy maneuvering, along with simple programming and maintenance. Revolution is the perfect fit for healthy menus, and offers an all-in-one solution for around-the-clock satisfaction from a vending machine.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 38” W x 30 3/4” D
Shelves: 9
Selections: Minimum of 5 selections per shelf, Maximum of 25 per shelf for a range of 45-225 items.
Vending Machine Weight: 710 lbs.

Vendin Machines - Frozen Food  
With the power of glassfront vending machine appeal, the A LA CARTE merchandiser leads the way in fresh and frozen food sales. The A LA CARTE can be run as a slave to any 120, 130 or ST series machines vending machines or alone with the optional 965 control module.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 320 =72” H x 37 1/2” W x 33 3/8” D
  control module: 311= 72” H x 10 3/8” W x 33 3/8” D
Shelves: 5 
Selections: 40, 30, or 26  
Vending Machine Weight: 320 = 740 lbs. 311 = 175 lbs.

Vendin Machines - Combo  
Snack & 960 frozen or refrigerated
By linking our modular A La Carte to a host snackvending machine, you can operate two outstanding revenue sources from one vending machine. This clever combination will significantly lower your cost of bringing food and frozen novelties to your customers – while greatly expanding your location’s profit potential. It’s smart; it’s flexible; and it indulges your customers with more choices complemented by the state-of-the-art convenience.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x (width depends on which
   combination you use) ” W x 35” D
Shelves: Varies by combination of machines used 
Selections: Varies by combination of machines used 
Vending Machine Weight: Varies by combination of machines used

Vendin Machines - Ultraflex combo  
U l t r a F l e x ™
Sometimes it's hard to commit, but we've got a cool proposition that leaves your options open. Our new Ultra Flex™ dual temperature vending machine offers separate refrigerated and chilled environments that can be used in combination, or apart, to create your own custom cool solution. With the Ultra Flex™ you can offer cold food, drinks, snacks and candy (or any combination of the 4) all at the same time in the same vending machine! Ultra Flex™ provides a full-service solution for smaller locations, expanded category management for larger locations, and an ideal platform for healthy vending initiatives. Are you ready to flex your cool?
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 41.5” W x 37.4” D
Shelves: 5 or 6 
Selections: Food – 5 per shelf, Snack – 5 per shelf,
   Candy – 10 per shelf, Bottles/Cans – 8 per shelf. 
Vending Machine Weight: 693 lbs.
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