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Vending Machine - Hot Drink Center  
Want to turn coffee ordinary into coffee extraordinary? The Cafforia™ hot beverage vending machine provides a gourmet experience customers seek. Though superior flavor extraction, large beverage variety, and ease of selection, Cafforia capitalizes on the hottest consumer coffee trends. And from an operations standpoint, the economics have never been better. Warm up to Cafforia and turn your coffee ordinary, into coffee extraordinary.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 38” W x 33 3/4” D
Selections: 15 selections and two cup sizes
Vending Machine Weight: 570 lbs.
Vending Machines - GPL 674  
674 or 676 HotCup
Put a coffee shop in you vending machine location, the 674/676 HotCup machine does it all. Fresh brewed coffee, hot chocolate and specialty coffees- all available in one vending machine.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72" H x 32" W x 28 1/2" D
Selections: 10 selections and two cup sizes
Vending Machine Weight: 475 lbs.


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