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Cold Food Vending Machines are "cool" for everyone.

If you have not had the opportunity to check out all the fantastic cold food vending machines on the market today you are missing out. Today's cold food vending machines give the oprator the ability to serve what the locations want and the flexibility to do it profitably. A cold food vending machine is a must for just about any healthy vending operator, offer the foods they want at a price you can afford with one of our new cold food vending machines.

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Vending Machines - Revolution  
For a modern spin on food service, turn to the Revolution™ fresh-food vending machine. Revolution's unique, turret-forward viewing area and auto-merchandising attracts customers, while its ability to accommodate a wide variety of fresh products keeps them coming back to your vending machine for more. In addition to consumer-friendly features, you'll enjoy a small footprint for easy maneuvering, along with simple programming and maintenance. Revolution is the perfect fit for healthy menus, and offers an all-in-one solution in a vending machine for around-the-clock satisfaction.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 38” W x 30 3/4” D
Shelves: 9
Selections: Minimum of 5 selections per shelf, Maximum of 25 per shelf for a range of 45-225 items.
Vending Machine Weight: 710 lbs.

Vending Machines - 960  
With the power of glassfront vending machine appeal, the A LA CARTE vending machine leads the way in fresh and frozen food sales. The A LA CARTE can be run as a slave to any 120, 130 or ST series vending machines or alone with the optional 311 control module.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 320 =72” H x 37 1/2” W x 33 3/8” D
  control module: 311= 72” H x 10 3/8” W x 33 3/8” D
Shelves: 5 
Selections: 40, 30, or 26  
Vending Machine Weight: 320 = 740 lbs. 311 = 175 lbs.

Vending Machines - Visi-Diner  
The VISI-DINER has the same 1/2 plus hp compressor as the VISI-COMBO but has six trays with larger spiral pitch openings to accommodate packaged food inside a vending machine.   This Cold Food vending machine also has in its software a health-and-safety function which has an error flag that, if triggered by unsafe conditions, will disable all MDB devices and prevent the vending machine from vending any product.   This protects the consumer from purchasing spoiled products from your vending machine. The Visi-Diner, like all AMS' indoor vending machines, comes in both a 35'' and a 39'' width.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 33 1/2” W x 27 5/8” D
Shelves: 5, 6 or 7 
Selections: Standard 32 expandable up to 56,
  Optional 4-select gum & mint 
Vending Machine Weight: 440 lbs. ambient – 550 lbs. chilled

Vending Machines - Bottle food combo  
Bottle & Food Combo
Offer even your smallest location cold food with a combination of cold food and beverages in one combination vending machine. Sandwiches or subs and other foods, along with bottled dairy beverages, can all be dispensed from this versatile bottle and food combo vending machine. While various configurations are available, basic models feature three trays of food and two of dairy (197 units in 39'') and four trays of food and two of dairy (241 units in 39''). 
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 35” or 39” W x 35” D
Shelves: 5 
Selections: Standard 12 food with 12 bottle selections
or 15 food with 16 bottle selections depending on the
width you choose  
Vending Machine Weight: 35” -- 644 lbs. / 39” – 692 lbs.


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