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Healthy Vending Machien

Combination food or snack and beverage vending machines are all the rage!

If you are offering healthy vending to your locations these machines are exactly what you are looking for in a vending machine. It can be hard to find enough good selling and good tasting healthy products for your vending machines so the combo is the perfect fit, you can offer healthy beverages as well as snacks of food, thus maximizing your profits, your offerings and minimizing your waste; all in one vending machine.

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vending machine - Ultraflex  
U l t r a F l e x ™
Sometimes it's hard to commit, but we've got a cool proposition that leaves your vending machine options open. Our new Ultra Flex™ dual temperature vending machine offers separate refrigerated and chilled environments that can be used in combination, or apart, to create your own custom cool vending machine solution. With the Ultra Flex™ you can offer cold food, drinks, snacks and candy (or any combination of the 4) all at the same time in the same vending machine! Ultra Flex™ provides a full-service solution for smaller locations, expanded category management for larger locations, and an ideal platform for healthy vending initiatives. Are you ready to flex your cool?
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 41.5” W x 37.4” D
Shelves: 5 or 6 
Selections: Food – 5 per shelf, Snack – 5 per shelf,
   Candy – 10 per shelf, Bottles/Cans – 8 per shelf. 
Vending Machine Weight: 693 lbs.


vending machine - Visi-combo  
The VISI-COMBO vending machine has two bottle trays that use the same spiral delivery system as the snack trays.  These combination vending machines have a 96-bottle capacity with the ability to vend various size bottles.  The three snack trays can be configured to any combination of snacks or candy spirals.  The VISI-COMBO is chilled by the 1/2 plus hp compressor and has a heated triple-pane glass front to reduce condensation.  The door system also provides more insulation in critical areas.  This vending machine provides the operator flexibility and the option to have a vending machine that can furnish a greater selection of products. Visi-Combo comes in 35'' and 39'' widths.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 35” or 39” W x 35” D
Shelves: 5 
Selections: Standard 16 snack/candy with 12 bottle
selections or 20 snack/candy with 16 bottle selections
depending on the width you choose.  
Vending Machine Weight: 35” -- 622 lbs. / 39” – 692 lbs


vending machine - BF Combo  
Bottle & Food Combo
Offer even your smallest location cold food with a combination of cold food and beverages in one combination vending machine. Sandwiches or subs and other foods, along with bottled dairy beverages, can all be dispensed from this versatile bottle and food combo vending machine. While various configurations are available, basic models feature three trays of food and two of dairy (197 units in 39'') and four trays of food and two of dairy (241 units in 39''). 
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 35” or 39” W x 35” D
Shelves: 5 
Selections: Standard 12 food with 12 bottle selections
or 15 food with 16 bottle selections depending on the
width you choose  
Vending Machine Weight: 35” -- 644 lbs. / 39” – 692 lbs.


vending machine - outsider combo  
The Outsider is a rugged outdoor vending machine offering a choice of Snack and Visi-Combo (snack and bottled beverage)vending machine configurations. A heavy-gauge steel lock-cover, additional glass-front protection, and vandal panels add to all the other standard AMS features to make this vending machine just what you need for the great outdoors. Available in Red or Black.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 72” H x 39” W x 35” D
Shelves: 5 or 6
Selections: varies depending on model chosen
Vending Machine Weight: 742 lbs.
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