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Fastcorp Vending Machines are the vending industry standard for vending ice cream and other frozen products!

FastCorp is the industry leader ice cream vending machines and robotic technology, with 35,000 vending machines in over 20 countries. Together with progressive vending machine operators and brand partners in ice cream, FastCorp vending equipment was the catalyst for growing the US ice cream vending market, making it one of the fastest growing segments in the vending machine industry. As we’ve watched the ice cream segment grow, more and more vending machine operators have switched from old refrigerated and antiquated frozen vending machine technology to FastCorp’s "Evolution" Frozen Vending Machine. Today, this vending machine is the standard in food and ice cream vending.

FastCorp’s heralded vacuum robot design has also been adapted to both refrigerated and ambient applications, making them the most versatile vending machines in their class. All FastCorp vending machines are able to vend a wide range of product shapes, sizes and weights, well beyond the capabilities of traditional spiral vendiing machines, conveyor vending machines and carousel machines. The new line of refrigerated vending machines also utilizes the same refrigerated chest design found in their frozen vending machines, and offers the same reliability and energy efficient performance our customers have grown to trust.

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