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Frozen Food and Ice Cream Vending Machines are like money in the bank.

Frozen food and ice cream vending machines have come a long way since the first frozen vending machine. These vending machines are much more energy efficient and much more reliable than ever before. In the past "melt downs" were a painful fact of the vending life, however, today these frozen vending machines have incorporated some great technology to allow you to be much more confident in your ability to deliver great tasting frozen treats from a vending machine.

Vending Machines - 960 A la Carte  
With the power of glassfront vending machine appeal, the A LA CARTE merchandiser leads the way in fresh and frozen food vending machine sales. The A LA CARTE can be run as a slave to any 120, 130 or ST series vending machines or alone with the optional 965 control module.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 320 =72” H x 37 1/2” W x 33 3/8” D
  control module: 311= 72” H x 10 3/8” W x 33 3/8” D
Shelves: 5 
Selections: 40, 30, or 26  
Vending Machine Weight: 320 = 740 lbs. 311 = 175 lbs.

Vending Machines - AMS Frozen Vendor  
Frozen Food
This attractive and rugged Frozen Food vending machine offers two levels of freezing. One is for items such as ice cream and the other is for microwavable products. In addition, the efficient hot-gas defrosting system does not need a heating element. ETL and NAMA certified, this vending machine -- like all AMS vendors -- features the patented Sensit* Guaranteed Delivery System.
     Vending Machine Dimensions: 73” H x 39” W x 35 3/4” D
Shelves: 5
Selections: varies depending on model chosen
Vending Machine Weight: 740 lbs.


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