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Before you call a technician or a repairman, take a moment to check our tech tips page, you may be able to solve your issue on your own for free.

Located in Los Angeles (near downtown) we are THE premier vending machine distributor in California.  In addition to representing the vending machine manufacturers as a sales organization we are also the factory authorized repair company for all the manufacturers we represent.  Our technicians have been trained by the factory and are constantly updated by the factory with new solutions to issues that may arise.  Beware of people advertising themselves as a factory trained technician, most factories no longer offer factory training to people other than distributors like us.  The guys that were trained by the factories were trained over 15 years ago and a lot has changed since then.  Most of the vending machine repair companies you would call are actually other vending operators doing vending machine repair on the side; do you really want to call your competition to come to your location to repair your machines? 

Many vending machine repair guys have done it for a long time and are self-trained, they may be able to get your machine working but did they fix it correctly or just “rig it to work?”  Many of the vending machine repair calls we get are to fix machine that other repair companies made worse or could not figure out. 

We have a fully stocked vending machine parts department so when we go out on a service call we can bring the parts with us.  Other vending machine repair companies need to buy their parts from us or some company back east and do not stock NEW parts.  They will need to go to your machine to diagnose it first, then come to us to get the parts, or order them from back east and wait for days to get them in before they can get back to your machine to fix it.

We have been in business since 1957 and are one of the most respected names in the vending industry, why take chances with any other vending machine repair service?

When you do call our technician, they will need the following information:

Manufacturer Name: We/they need a starting point
Model Number: Many machines look alike but are very different when it comes to parts.
Serial Number: This too is valuable in knowing which parts are needed because of the changes that may have been made during years of production.
Exact Error Message: Refer to above paragraph for reasoning for this.
Be in front of the machine: The technician may be able to help you fix your problem over the phone!

If you call another vending machine repair company and they do not ask you for the manufacturer, the model number and the error message, that is your first clue that you called the wrong vending machine repair company.

Please give us a call today.

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